Tuesday, March 16, 2010

March Sankanbi

Amy's classroom. The standing up and walking around is normal, apparently. Last month of this chaos! Amy's class had a case of classroom breakdown this year.
At her desk
Amy's work. Above is her calligraphy work, she's pretty good at it, not No.1 but good. It says 'niji', which means 'rainbow'. Below, he 'eco' or ecology poster.

Erica practicing being at school. She's quite disruptive during the open days, but she's relatively quiet when we let her sit at an empty desk! We have to swap her between us, or take her out into the corridor. Kanji won't do it without me! He'll take her to Baachan's rather than try to rein her in while watching the class! On the right, Amy's amazing hair, which she refuses to cut. I have trouble even getting her to trim it!

Lena - their class are like a squad of regimented soldiers compared to Amy's - so they have leeway to have some fun. The teacher set up a parent-child activity - playing the traditional Japanese game 'karuta'. 'Karuta' means 'cards' and the cards have a poem printed on them. The teacher calls the first line of the poem and the players have to slap their hand down on the second half of the poem written on their cards. I think the game was simplified for them, (and more so for the parents, who would be quite unlikely to know the poems!) and you only had to match what the teacher was saying, and just beat your Mum or Dad to spotting the card. Of course, Lena won.

With these lightning-fast reflexes (below) how could she lose?
Lena's work: some writing - Personal and study goals for the third semeseter:
A calendar with ducks:

On the way home. It's spring, cherry blossom time! There are a number of different varieties that bloom at different time. The one on the left, with long stamens, was in full bloom. The pink one was just starting; I love how they look against the brown of the bark.

Erica got very tired. So tired that half way home she decided to take a rest on this house's front step (that is right next to the road) She lay her head on the step and looked like she wanted to take a nap right there!


Lulu said...

Your girls seem like really great artists- do your older two enjoy it?

I love the last photo of Erica having a nap on the step. So cute!

Rachel said...

they both love drawing, but Amy is the artist. She never goes anywhere without a wad of papers and a pen or pencil. She NEEDS to draw sometimes, to get it out on paper, although it's tailed off in recent years. I think she'll end up doing something creative though.