Friday, March 26, 2010

Best Fright of the Year Award...

...goes to Kanji, for managed to get all four of his girls to scream, at least three genuinely, with one very simple 'walk-in', no planning.

We were upstairs tidying the bedroom. Lena was by her chest of drawers, Amy on the floor sorting some things facing side-on to the door, and I had my back to the door, folding things on the bed.

Lena squealed first, and I kind of ignored it, thinking she was being silly. Then when Amy screamed too, I turned to see what it was that had startled them, only to see a black looming hulk out of the corner of my eye (my dear husband) at which point I too, screeched. Then Erica screamed too, just for effect. I think she knew he was there all along though.

He stood there, saying 'yep' and holding his arms out in a 'here I am' gesture, a bit bemused (confused) if not by the random squealing then by the roll-on-the-floor laughter and pats on the back and "congratulations that was a super fright, you got all of us!" comments.

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