Saturday, February 25, 2012

Fevers and then more fevers

I had the oddest night Friday night. My fever broke, and I knew that that was what was happening, but I still found everything strange! I remember thinking, hey, I took those pills (with codeine in them) at 8pm, they can't still be doing this to me, they don't usually do this to me anyway, they only have a spit of codeine in them, not enough to get wasted like this!

Then I'd fall asleep again. Hot and cold. Chilly and wrapping up in the blankets while simultaneously being so covered in sweat that my pants were literally sticking to my legs like I had just got out of a swimming pool. Sorry, TMI, but if it helps, it was that sickly sweet sickness sweat, not the smelly underarm BO type! I'd touch my legs and think, that's so weird, then nod off again.

I woke up to a much lowered fever of course, and everything was hunky dory until just after lunch, when Erica suddenly came down with a new fever. One minute, she was singing to herself, doing a puzzle at her new desk (just a fold-out picnic table) then suddenly she told me she was cold. She nestled into my arms, and I could feel how hot she was. 38.5, that quick! She was asleep in no time, leaving me utterly convinced she had pneumonia because she had coughed so much before bed the night before, and that therefore I was going to be spending the next two weeks in hospital and would have to miss the convention.

Luckily her lungs sounded fine when I took her to the hospital after she woke up, and I just got a prescription for antibiotics. Her fever was down to normal again by evening making me wonder if I hadn't imagined it all. But that was after I'd dosed her up with a bit of everything, antibiotics and fever meds, plus her normal anti-allergy and anti-asthma meds, but not the cough medicine because I felt with all the rest in her, that was enough!

Meanwhile Lena runs a low fever nightly, it seems. She's been like this since she got a cold - every night, about 37.5. Either she's always been like this, and I didn't notice (it would explain why she's the only one of my kids who goes over 40 when she's sick) or her immune system is still running on overtime staving off all the colds and flu. Or she has some dreadful disease, so I am totally NOT going to google 'long-running low fever' I am just going to hope it goes away... and tell the doc about it on Tuesday at her usual monthly asthma check.

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