Friday, February 03, 2012

Fun Fun Friday

Lena said we must for sure play a board game tonight, as it's Fun Fun Friday, but so far she's too swamped in Disney shows and seems to have forgotten. It's 7:32pm and they are just eating their instant curry dinners. I seem to sway on Friday between giving them take aways or instant food, or going all out and cooking something really fantastic.

But it's always family night on Friday night, sometimes we watch a movie, or play games, or just eat a long leisurely dinner at the table. Now that the kids are older, they really LOVE that, and love to sit and talk with us. Unlike most other nights of the week, on Friday we are all home. Except tonight, Kanji went to the kodomo-kai meeting (meeting of parents of kids who live close and walk to school together). I sent him off with a kiss and a sincere thank you - it's normally the Mum who does stuff like this.

Tonight's plan is to make peppermint chocolates and a "Pin the carrot on the snowman" game for a party tomorrow. Amy has been set with the job of designing the snowman. I am right now trying to persuade her to just let Erica draw whatever she wants, and we'll use what works and discard what doesn't. If I can tear Lena away from the TV for long enough, I'll set her to work on the carrots and twigs. And I will search for a peppermint bark recipe that suits what I have already bought (ten blocks of Ghana) and crushed (twenty or so mini-candy canes, crushed to powder, I rock!!)

And that's our Friday. Other projects on the Go include a colour Journal, music blog post for AFWJ, and trying to get all my iphone photos onto a USB stick so I can finally take them off the phone without fearing I will lose them all, after which I will finally be able to see if the phone sound works, after which I will finally be able to take the phone to the shop and get them to fix it.

Birthday party tomorrow, and fondue party on Sunday! Happy Weekend everybody!

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