Tuesday, February 07, 2012

The Tuesday masquerading as Thursday

I had my Thursday classes today, because they have some event on Thursday. I totally got the run-around though - turned up in my classroom to a bunch of kids who had no idea English was on this morning. I showed them the schedule, but theirs was different. So I went to check at the office anyway. After making a few phone calls, the manager confirmed that it is indeed English time, and I went up again just in time to catch another teacher heading to the room. No, it's English now, I said, and again schedules were consulted. My bad - wrong class. YES I had English, but with the Denshi group. I had walked in on the Kikai A group. I had recognized the students of course, as I teach them on Fridays, but had failed to twig that they were Friday's group not Thursday's. Of course, they didn't tell me, they were as confused by my confident statement that 'Thursday is on Tuesday this week'.

Which left me wondering where the heck Denshi had got to. The other teacher helped out a little bit, as in he stood by and hummed and hahhed and sucked his teeth a bit for moral support. I settled on the noisiest room with lights on - voila! I found my Denshi. And walked in on ANOTHER class who had no idea English was today. Several had their textbooks on them, some more had them in their lockers (tsk tsk, that means they never take them home to study!) and I only had to photocopy an extra 8 copies in the end.

Then at the end of the class, I sat at my desk, calmly waiting for them to pack their bags and leave... only they didn't. Finally one student, whose head is screwed on a bit tighter than the others, told me they had their next class in this room... so off I went again upstairs and downstairs searching for Kenchiku.

View of all three floors of the lecture block, with many classroom doors, taken from where the other teacher and I 'conferred'

Another round of phone calls, another mid-corridor conference while eyeing up classroom doors and a room was settled on, and voila! again, the students turned up. With textbooks too!

The manager actually apologized at the end of the class!

All in all, I think I like having Thursday on Tuesday. The afternoon was less rushed without the kindy transfer, although of course if Tuesday was really Thursday, I suppose I would do it that day anyway... well, only four more OIT classes until spring break, and a chance for me to get this house decluttered!

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