Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Busy Day

I'm sitting here listening to Amy and Lena singing the Dragon song from 'Okaasan to Issho' while they finish their homework. We'll all be off to bed in a minute, it's still early enough that I'll have time to start reading them another book, if Amy gets her page of maths done in the next few minutes!

I had a very busy day, I started at 7am cleaning and doing laundry and checking online maps for my little excursions today. I finished editing an essay then left Erica with her Papa and popped into the bakery on the way to my new class. I'm filling in for a new teacher who can't start until August, I'll be doing elementary schools every morning and juku classes every afternoon. I'm sure my house will be like a hurricane hit it after I finish at the end of July, because cleaning is last on the list!

The highlight of my day was getting to cuddle the bunster Ryu. I wanna go back and cuddle him again! SO small, so soft, so sweet-smelling with the softest baby hair. He really is a very good-looking baby, with the lovliest skin. Surprisingly I didn't immediately want one, I guess Erica is babyish enough still, sleeping next to me and breastfeeding several times a day that I don't feel like I'm bereft of baby flesh!

I rushed home from that visit for a final 'ladies lunch' with some friends who are heading back to Canada and the US this month. It's a sad month.

I managed to fit in some shopping before Erica completely melted down, so I was able to cook some curry as well as edit two more essays while she slept. Piano lessons at 6, after a quick curry dinner, and I just dosed them all up with their asthma drugs ready for bed.

I haven't finished yet...after the baby gets to sleep, it's back downstairs for me, to finish the last essays and the laundry before doing it all again tomorrow!(Except for the cuddling Ryu bit, I have to wait until next Monday before I get my next cuddle.)


anchan said...

d d d d d d d dd ra go n!! Now I'll be humming it all night! Awww, I'm so jealous of you getting to cuddle Ryu - make sure you have one for me on Monday, and give my love to GW!

illahee said...

oh, i'm jealous, too! i wanna cuddle the bunster! lol extra cuddle for me too, please! ;)