Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Missing Bubs

One and half days of work and I'm missing my baby already! On paper, the schedule looks friendly enough, away for 3-4 hours in the morning and 2-3 in the late afternoon. But of course, as soon as I come home for lunch she's ready for her nap! She's up there now snoozing away, and as soon as she wakes, we'll be off for the afternoon session at 3pm and I won't be back until well after 7.

That'll be 11 hours altogether, during which time I will have spent half an hour with her at lunch, when she screamed the car down when I took her home instead of setting her to sleep instantly right there on the gasoline stand forecourt. And another half hour or so dropping her off to Kanji again, during which time she'll probably be in a bad mood from having been woken too soo. I can see why Mums working full-time find their toddlers' behaviour trying - it's so much easier when I work part-time and have the time to sit down with her a give her a cuddle after she wakes up, or to actually play with her, or just talk to her.

The logistics of pick-ups and drop-offs are particularly difficult today. Amy and Lena have English, and Amy has a swimming lesson, and Kanji has an event from 6pm so they have to go to Baachan's for dinner. I'm still not sure who's picking up whom, where and when and wiil I get any dinner??

If I'm not wrong...I wake Erica when Amy and Lena return from school, and take all three the green car to Kanji at work, where I leave Erica, and then get the white car and take Amy and Lena to work with me, where they'll do their Japanese homework in the genkan until their class starts at 4pm. Then ?someone? will pick them up at 5 at take Amy to her swimming lesson and Lena to Baachan's. That someone will be Kanji I think, and he'll take Erica to Baachan's then too. Or maybe Baachan herself will pick them up, with or without Erica, in which case where will her carseat be?? Then I have to hide in the office so she doesn't see me, because she'll cry. Then I finish work at 6:50 and rush to swimming to pick up Amy who finishes at 6:40 but takes half an hour to get changed so no worries. And we go back to Baachan's for dinner, or rather Amy will eat while Erica clings to me like a limpet and catches up on a day's worth of cuddles and milk while I pick at food with one hand.

Looks like we'll be skipping baths, I'll have a shower after they're all asleep - providing I don't fall asleep with them!


thefukases said...

Good lord!! I'm tired just reading about the organisation involved in getting the time to do your job, let alone the job itself. Fingers crossed for you from here.

Anonymous said...

My head is still Spinning, and spinning and spinning..

gaijin wife said...

Please tell me you managed to get through that day with all members of the family present and accounted for??

Rachel said...

Actually the only one I lost was me, I went searching for Amy at the pool, but she'd been picked up by Baachan earlier! We all managed to end up in the same house by 8pm. Same again tonight, minus the lessons, thank God!