Thursday, June 04, 2009


I'm just keeping a running commentary here of the tactics Erica is using to distract us. Amy and Lena are doing their homework, and I am editing an essay. We're all at our desks in the study/playroom, and Erica is in the middle of the room.

So far she has:

- sang and danced on the piano
- whacked herself in the head with a plastic frying pan
- stomped around the room with a doll on her back
- threw the doll and hit it on the head
- showed off her belly button and patted her tummy
- took a mouthful of water from her sippy cup, then opened her mouth so it dribbled down her top
- had a tantrum when we took the sippy cup off her.
- peered into the hole in the table and said "wow!"
- pretended to sleep - snoring while standing up
- rode her rocking horse while called out 'neighghghhgh' and 'yay!'


thefukases said...

You gotta give her 10 points for trying!

Rachel said...

Yeah, I ended up getting Amy to play with her while Lena and I worked. It only took five minutes to calm her down and Amy could get back to work. She gets so excited when the girls come home from school!

Anonymous said...

You are scaring me NOT to move up the later from fur baby to real baby- I have to give you huge kudos for not freaking out with the frying pan incident, I almost went on the brink when Maddison got ill..

Anonymous said...

oops I mean latter

Rachel said...

It was a PLASTIC frying pan, GirlJapan, about 7cm wide, weighing about 20grams. And she was being easy on herself, she's not quite that dumb (well, she is sometimes,but...)

Anonymous said...

AHH, derr! Okay! haha Clearly laughing at myself!!!! I was dumb for assuming otherwise.. derr...