Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Father's Day

I totally forgot until the morning, and good thing I remembered
as dragging myself out to shop was the only thing that got me moving,
I was in total slug mode on Sunday.

We went to Jusco and bought lots of stuff and did print club and went out for dinner to a family restaurant that cost waaaay too much and cheated me on the parfait by filling it up with rice bubbles and gross chocolate jelly. Much as I despise Joyfull, they do have better parfaits.

We got Daddy a guitar fret-shaped pencil case to put his guitar picks in. He had a gig tonight with his band, the Nakatsu Sex Pistols, and it's the first opportunity I've had to bring the girls to see him play, which was nice timing on Father's Day.
So off we went walking, and waltzed into the Live House with the stroller!

They found it exciting but a little confusing I think. Amy kept asking why
he had his glasses off, and said he looked weird without them, and why do
you have safety pins on your t-shirt, are they kakkoii, but you can't see
them from the audience and do you enjoy the band? That last comment had a
guy standing near us in fits of laughter. Kanji was wearing the leather
pants Susie gave me.

Erica had fun, I was worried about the noise, but she even danced! Lena ran
around the room in between the slam-dancing punks being chased by the
drummer's sister who was trying to stop her from being squished. I'm not sure
where Amy was I was too busy videoing the 18-year old 'Sid Vicious' do an
amazing version of the real Sid's 'My Way' with a blow-up doll that Erica
was terrified of. She hates mannequins and dummies, scarecrows, masks and now blow-up sex dolls. Poor Erica. Well, I suppose I can think of worse things to be scared of.


illahee said...

LOVE the doll!! ROTFLMAO

sassymoo said...

That doll is freakin` hilarious!!!