Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wacky Wednesday

The day we scatter to the winds and finding everyone and getting them back to one location is a tad challenging.

Today I forgot to pick up Amy, I remembered when I was about 3/4ths of the way home, maybe even 4/5ths. She patiently waited for twenty minutes, starving hungry. Then I had to swing by work to pick up my phone, which I had left charging on the desk.

Amy made me laugh on the way home, she was so hungry that when she looked at the sun, she could see a big fried egg.

Lena the clothes horse - I suggested to her that she wear her white half-jeans with her new pumpkin patch dress...and she said 'That's just what I was thinking'. We were sitting at the dinner table, no-one talking as we were all munching on our pizza, being all half starved after a very long day.

Erica's been talking. Today she had a major tantrum because she wanted to wear her winter jacket (it was out to see how well it went with the matching hat I got them from pumpkin patch, which arrived yesterday). She sat on my knee wailing for a good five minutes, then calmed down, and said, "Where Amy go?" She's been saying Amy's name clearly for a few days now, and had obviously decided Mum was no good, she'd give her big sister a try!

She also impressed me on Monday, again having a tantrum (about clothes again, bad pattern emerging here) but this time she drew a tear on her cheek and said "saaaaad". I've been teaching her this word and sign for when she's crying.

A bit later on she rushed up to me at the computer and repeated, over and over again, wain, wain wain. She was very excited. So I decided to follow her, and took her hand and let her lead me. She took me over to the air conditioner, which was broken and leaking water all down the window and dripping onto the floor. Yikes! She put her hand under the shower and repeated 'wain!'. Yes, darling it's raining. Inside.

Before I forget I want to add the fish. She says it a lot, but not until after what felt like hundreds of repetitions. Then one day, she was reading a book by herself, when suddenly she jumped up and ran over to me yelling bish bish bish! She'd remembered the word and was quickly running over to tell me. It was cute. Guess you had to be there...and be the mother....okay...oyabaka accusations welcome...

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gaijin wife said...

All good for sunday I think - Marina has a bit of a snotty nose but nothing I see blowing into full blown sars or swine flu by Sunday. See you Sunday morning sometime then??