Thursday, May 21, 2009

House-Cooling Party

You've all heard of a house-warming party, but how many of you have been to a house-cooling? When my sister Becky moved out of her flat, we had a small take-away picnic on the floor of the gutted house. The kids had a ball!

The flew through the empty living room!

The party. Grandma tucking into a chip. Amy, Lena, Erica, Bec, Josh, Jo and Gabi.

In a different light, the children take on corporeal form, though with 'orbs'....but I think they look cooler all wavy.

Grandma with the dogs. Gabi wins babysitter of the year award for skillful handling of many yougsters at once.

The game/performance that developed out of the nothing. Watch to the end, there's a giggle there...they're not all that well coordinated...

I have no photos of the next thing we did. I took everyone on a ghost walk. We snuck through the empty rooms with just a torch, kids screaming, to find the 'ghosts' - spooky window clings of a 'yurei' Japanese ghost, disembodied eyes, fingers reaching around the door, a broken window and an ant trail. All from the 100 yen shop!

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Anonymous said...

You have three beautiful girls!!! They are truly blessed!