Sunday, May 10, 2009

Family Dinner

On the evening of Erica's baptism, the family got together to eat, and the kids got together to play, and in what you will now recognize as a very repetitive cliche, they all got on the tramp.

We were entertained by a fashion show, which even Josh joined in!

He wore the superman suit every time, with various superhero and/or joke accessories.

Amy announcing something, Lena taking a break. Most of the show ended up on video where we can embarrass them more thoroughly in years to come.

Erica taking a shine to her Aunty Deb and Uncle Chris

Sweet girls with sweet flowers, but this photo has a bit more of an interesting story attached - the girls picked up flowers in their hair while climbing tres, and noticing the pretty effect, they decided to finish off the decorating themselves. After showing themselves off to us, as we were chasing them outside so they wouldn't drip petals all over the carpet, Lena heard a buzzing noise. She tried to move away, but wasn't able to. Soon she realized that the buzzing was coming from her own head - a bee had followed the flowers and got caught up in her hair! Uncle Tony came to the rescue and risked a sting brushing and shaking it out. It'll be a long time before she tries that particular method of beautification again.


Anonymous said...

Please tell how you imported the trampoline, I had one as a child and I love them for fun, for exercise...... I WANT ONE

Rachel said...

Oh, these photos are from my recent trip to NZ. Would be nice if I could find that many relatives in Japan! You can get little exercise trampolines in toys'r'us.