Friday, May 15, 2009

Mother's Day

I had a lovely Mother's Day relaxing with the kids. It started rough, with everyone else lounging on the sofa while I frantically cleaned up, as you need to start with a clean slate when you intend to do nothing all day! But it got better, as Kanji came home from some fish festival he'd gone to with a pot of green carnations for me, and the girls each gave me a pink one. Amy wrote me a handmade card, with this message:

to Mum. mum you R my Supermum. and I Love You. I will LoVE You for ever. you R nice and god and responsible for every thing and I love you.

Yes, I certainly AM responsible for everything! Nice to know I'm a god too, though I think that was supposed to be 'good'.

Erica tore the card, then Lena selotaped it, so all was well.

Kanji bought a big fish at the festival and that was my lunch.

I won't show you the photo I took a few minutes later of the headless fish. This one is just here to justify the next photo...

of my husband wielding a knife and grinning maniacally. Okay, it's actually a rather sweet smile, but that knife...was used to cut very fresh sashimi for lunch. I took some unposed photos of my girls. Amy, playing with a wooden drawing model I bought her to practice drawing, only she uses it as a clothing model for which she sews little outfits.

Lena, mid-thought. And Erica eating Lena's leftover cornflakes - I think she enjoyed using the big spoon and bowl.

I spent the afternoon reading and watching TV - at the same time. And banning anyone else from watching anything they wanted to. NO CARTOONS! For dinner, I took the kids to Joyfull, as Kanji had gone back to work. Not my favorite place, but close, and cheap, and the kids love it, and I do like their chocolate sundaes!

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Happy Belated Mothers Day!