Friday, May 15, 2009

Ballet Concert for Mother

This is what little girls get up to when Mother hogs the TV all day on Mother's Day. They planned, costumed, then put on a ballet, Cinderella, for me.

Cinderella after the ball, back in her Cinder clothes.

Lena was the fairy godmother.

Erica has learned to smile for the camera!

It looks a bit like Erica's holding Amy up...the grand finale of the ballet, great leaps (with the aid of a study desk).

Cinderella hard at work

The Fairy Godmother makes her entrance

Cinderella dressed for the ball

The Fairy Godmother's magic wand

Cinderella back to the drugery, while the fairy godmother tends to her wand

These fairies REALLY know how to fly!

Erica's turn! With a little help from her big sisters. This is the second go - the first time, Amy pulled, Lena pushed, Erica fell off the desk with a thump and Lena fell on top of her - and Erica giggled and laughed and thought it was great fun!


Anonymous said...

That has got to be the most beautiful white dress I have ever seen..

Rachel said...

Thanks! Amy was happy to hear that. It was her 7th birthday present, just got it at the local mall, I know how much I would have LOVED to have a dress like that when I was a girl

Vicky said...

SO CUTE! And legs up to their armpits.......

Not much ballet goes on in my testosterone infested household so I enjoyed sharing a bit of yours!

Tell your girls that they are beautiful and graceful.

And I'm so impressed at how kind your big girls are to their little sister - they include her in so much, and in so many of your pictures I see one or the other of them caring for her. You have a lovely family!!

Midori said...

THAT looks like alot of fun. Your girls are so beautiful and it looks like you have a set of future ballerinas on your hands!!