Saturday, May 16, 2009

One Night in Tropicoco

We stroled in to the local Mexican bar early in the night, after taking the kids out for dinner, to find it completely empty and some very tempting musical instruments on the stage. We'd missed the acoustic performance the night before that the bar owner's sons had been to, so he let us have a go.

Lena trying out pool

Erica's going to be our drummer.

The fun of bongos!

As long as there's no actual audience to embarrass them, they make quite good pop stars.

Even Erica got the hang of the mic!

Family Band

Erica and her new friend, Mic

Amy and Lena singing the theme song to Pretty Cure, a Japanese TV cartoon.

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gaijin wife said...

Just read Jo's email. Am around both monday and tuesday assuming the bun stays in. translating all day so will be good to be able to procrastinate :) Let me know time just so can make sure not gardening out the back with Granny K. yeah right.