Sunday, May 03, 2009

The Patea Maori Club

I got quite excited when I saw written on the board at the old folks' home Mum works at "Thursday 4pm, Patea Maori Club". I admit I feigned hatred of their hit song "Poi e" when it came out, mainly because it wasn't Duran Duran, but the group are a legend, especially in south Taranaki, and the chance to see one of NZ's best kapa haka, or traditional Maori singing goups, and for my daughters to see Maori culture up close was not to be missed.

So we waited around for an hour after we went to pick Grandma up from work at 3pm, but the time ticked on...and on...and on...

It turns out they had inadvertently double-booked, and were in Palmerston North doing another show. Meanwhile, all the oldies were gathered in the Living Room waiting, so Amy and Lena got up and amused them instead with a Japanese song. It took some convincing on our part, as Amy was feeling shy and wasn't sure if it was okay that no-one could understand, but once we convinced her that no-one would have understood the Maori anyway, they did it. Amy had already been whiling away the time on the lounge piano, with Lena swanning around and Erica dancing.

So here they are, singin 'Kiseki' (Miracle) by Greeeen:

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