Monday, April 27, 2009

Aunty Jo's

A trip home always includes dinner at Aunty Jo's a few times, usually a casual affair, decided on the day or the day before. The big draw for the kids is their cousins, of course, and the trampoline!

"One day, sisters, one day I'll be up there leaping higher than all of you put together!"

I love this photo because quite by accident I got Bec's face just as she was going 'UUgghhh!' because Erica returned her sodden, flavor-licked-off chippie to the dip. On the right, another staple at Aunty Jo's, along with cryptic crosswords and wine, is a jigsaw puzzle, always a Wasjig, or backwards puzzle - there's no picture to work off, just an image of the people looking at the scene, and you have to work it out.

As a Mum of three, and aunty of eight, Jo's had tons of babies in her kitchen! So she has the lowest drawer in the kitchen devoted to unbreakable stuff that the kids can pull out and toss all over the room, or even get inside. On the right, cousin Josh had a great time helping me bathe Erica - that's a stink toy he's holding over her head, he was trying to squirt her with it, as she was trying to wear the bowl.

Not Aunty Jo's house, but a lovely moon we caught on the way over. Hawera street scene:


Lulu said...

Am loving all the nz updates and photos- your girls are gorgeous.

I love the photo of Erica in the tuppaware drawer.

Are you happy to be home, back in Japan?

Rachel said...

Now that NZ's been hit by swine flu? Yeah, pretty happy! Actually it's not so bad this time, I hated coming back last time, but this time I have so much on my plate and lots of plans no time to wonder and worry