Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Week Three

This is the week when things settle down a bit, I no longer want to empty the supermarket shelves into my shopping trolley, my visa card needs a rest, Mum goes back to work, I'm left alone with Erica as usual, school becomes routine, and I get a vague idea of how life lived longer-term and not on holiday would be. However, I am still eating too much, and still finding events to celebrate, things to do and places to go!

These last three days have been quiet, and I've been able to catch up with laundry (how thrilling) and send yet another package to myself so I don't have to face trying to fit it in my baggage. From now on in though I have a pretty hectic week -

tonight, dinner at my sister's, tomorow at 12pm the kids' Liturgy for Holy Thursday. Their school is a private catholic school, the same one I went to, and a Liturgy is a kind of mini kids' mass. Amy's dancing apparently, in tights and a bun, which doesn't sound very churchy to me - acoustic guitars were a radical innovation when I was a school! Can't wait to see what that's going to be all about.

Thursday night were having a Farewell Party at my sister's flat that she moved out of over the weekend. It's completely empty and we're going to bring take-aways and sit there and farewell the odd little house that was her home for the last few years.

Friday is Good Friday, nothing planned yet except to make an ice cream lemon meringue pie and meet some old school friends in the evening. Saturday I have the school reunion at 1pm, and dinner at 5pm.

Sunday Erica is going to be baptised at the Easter mass, followed by a sausage sizzle with the old classmates in the school grounds afterwards. Then all my family will come to Mum's for a pot luck dinner.

Monday we're having a birthday party for Amy, and our special birthday lunch. Tuesday is packing day!!!!! Wednesday we're headed to Waitomo, and we're booked in to see the caves the next day, after which we'll head to Auckland to stay with a friend.

We fly to Hong Kong Friday, spend Saturday there, and finally get back to Japan on Sunday. Five days on the road, hopefully I'll be exhausted enough to be happy to be back in Japan by then....will certainly definitely be happy to see Kanji though.


Jo Tomooka said...

Good luck with surviving the week. Emily went back to school today and Masaki starts on Monday. If it is any consellation the weather here is absolutely perfect! Ready to welcome you back.

Anonymous said...

I remember some time back you were looking for a Dress, how did that work out for the Baptism?