Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Just like that....

....it's all over, and I'm all packed up and ready to go home!

The reunion was great fun, and amazing to see some people for the first time in 25 years. Others I'd seen on and off in the intervening years. We all held up quite well i thought! Check out this blog and see if you can spot me in the photos: http://conventdogs77.blogspot.com/

Only down side was ending up with a tummy bug, which I still have three days later!

Erica's baptism was lovely, more about that later I think. She looked divine in her gorgeous little dress, and was charming and a little devil in equal measure!

We had a birthday party for Amy yesterday, only one friend arrived unfortunately, but we always have an instant party on hand with the siblings and cousins, so no-one really noticed. She had a cake I had prepared for Sunday, but not finished - an ince cream lemon and meringue pie.

Today was her actual birthday, so she got her presents, and the tooth fairy came! That tooth fairy has been chasing Amy for five days now, as she stays at various cousins' houses and leaves the tooth here there and everywhere. I took her out for lunch today at Morreisons, to the eternal regret of my poor tummy. We had fun though.

I was also packing day, which partly explains why I forgot to take them to get their ears pierced! (the other reason being that I was sleeping off that damned lunch.) Poor Erica got her finger slammed in a door today - quite a nasty cut and bruise, and on the only uninjured finger on her poor left hand!

Tomorrow we are off to Waitomo, taking our time, doing a few touristy things on the way. We are booked in to see the caves on Thursday morning. Friday we fly to Hong Kong, and we'll be there just one day before returning to Japan.

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