Wednesday, April 01, 2009


Hi from sunny and beautiful New Zealand, I can't believe I've already been here a week, and only two more to go until we hit the road again! I've eaten loads, sent the kids to school, gone shopping and already have six new pairs of shoes, a new skirt and a pair of jeans and countless tops.

I'm loving it at the moment, the sun is shining and the sky is SO blue and the clouds all fluffy and white. NZ always seems so freshly washed and rinsed. I'm on Mum's new laptop, but I've been so busy that even though I can so easily connect to the internet now and don't have to lock myself in another room, I still haven't got around to blogging. Might have time later on, or on Friday morning!

After travelling all day Sunday 22nd, we arrived after lunch on Monday, and my friend picked us up at the airport. We went back to her place and I promptly got sozzled on New Zealand sauvignon blanc and pinos gris and ate fish and chips and wontons. Apprently all NZ fish and chip shops are owned by Chinese these days, and having a side order of sweet'n'sour with your fush'n'chups is par for the course.

Mum came the next morning to pick us up, again arriving when we were all alseep and I had the hangover from hell(did the same to her in '06). She dosed me up with drugs and I slept it off for an hour, then lightening-packed the car before the drugs wore off. I didn't feel nauseous until the Bombay hills.

We ate dinner with Chris and Deb that night, and didn't get back to Hawera until 10pm. No worries, as the kids were all jet-lagging so we all slept in the next morning, and I spent the next day unpacking. Then I cooked all my sisters and their kids Japanese curry!

Thursday I got a haircut, and went to the supermarket, oh joy! I did all my grocery shopping, and picked up a couple of boxes from the PO, packed it all up and sent it to myself Friday morning. Glad to get that chore done, and now my bags are free for all my personal shopping, and the loads of souvenirs I have yet to buy. You're all getting Easter eggs, so I'm waiting for the Easter Monday sales!

Friday the girls stayed at their cousin's house. She was having a sleep-over with six friends, that's a LOT of little girls, my sister is very brave to say yes to that plan! Next morning, I took advantage of the instant party and rocked up to my sister's with a party in my bag - ice cream cake, candles, some treats from Japan like Wonka Bars and Hina Matsuri candy floss. I laid down paper plates and cups, loads of lollies and called all the little girls for a birthday party. It was a great way to give Lena a BIG party without having to bother with invitation, pick-ups and drop-offs, presents and gift bags!

Friday night I went out for dinner with my mother and one sister and the baby. Erica was quite happy with her chips and ice cream, and was a very good baby the whole time, enabling me to enjoy a delicious antipasta plate and chicken rolled in bacon.

Enough! Will post later on about sister's bbq on Sunday, NZ school on Monday and a super shopping expedition on Tuesday!


illahee said...

sounds like you're having great fun! did i manage to send the valves in time?

Jo Tomooka said...

Good to hear you made it safely. Enjoy the time you have there! Of course you are missing the beautiful cherry blossoms here, but I'm sure you can do without them for one year... eat an extra kg or so of great food for me!

Rachel said...

yes, the valves came in time! I meant to mail you before i left, they literally arrived the day before we left!

Have already eaten 4kgs of food for you Joanne, would you like a triple chocolate trumpet? there's one in the freezer right now calling your name...I'll just go have a wee nibble for you

Jo Tomooka said...

You've got my mouth watering already! You'd better have a double bite just to make sure...