Friday, April 03, 2009


As I was saying, we had a family barbecue on Sunday night. It was a combined birthday event for my sister and her son, with cheers thrown in for us arriving from Japan and for my younger brother and his wife, who celebrated their wedding anniversay that day. Not all of us were there, as my older brother is in Oman with his family, and my younger sister bowed out with a migraine. She's prgenant and can't take her usual migraine medication, so she had a hell weekend, with the headache lasting three days. I think I'd rather have morning sickness.

Monday the kids started school - more about that later. Tuesday Mum and I went shopping in New Plymouth - I bought stuff at Sussan, Glassons, Just Jeans, Pumpkin Patch, Wadsworth bookstore, Paper Plus, No.1 shoe warehouse and Briscoes. Phew!

Wednesday I worked all day correcting essays, then we went for dinner at my other older sister's house, and Thursday all the sisters plus Mum and a friend got together for lunch. NZ holidays seem to be a lot about eating! Mum cooked (there you go, food again) a delicious Thai curry pumpkin soup for dinner as well as divine banana bran muffins. I spent the morning at the doctor's getting antibiotics for a sore throat for Amy, and the afternoon sorting and photographing items for trademe.

Which brings me to today - I'm contining to work on writing up descriptions for my kimonos, and packing for a weekend away. You'd think I'd have had it up to here with packing, but I love it, it means I'm off on the road again, and I love that.

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