Monday, April 27, 2009


Anyone who knows me knows I love dining out! I was so sad that my friend and her husband sold their restaurant in my home town and moved to England! Even if new owners aren't up to their standard, it's still the best restaurant in town, so of course I went. It was spontaneous - Amy and Lena stayed the night with their cousin, so me and Mum, not having any idea what to make for dinner, decided to go out. Jo just happened along right then, so I loaned her a top and she came too!

Left, the antipasta plate. Right, a salmon entree

Left, the dish I ate, stuffed chicken wrapped in bacon on a bed of pumpkin gnocchi and sundried tomatoes. On the right, Mum's seafood stack, with a crab leg, scallop, shrimps, and cod.

The salad bar and dessert table.

Erica came too! She was so good, sat quietly in a high-chair working on her meal of baby custard, hot chips and ice cream. Not altogether!

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