Saturday, April 25, 2009

Erica's Baptism

Erica was baptised while we were in New Zealand. A great balance to her Buddhist ceremony a year ago (see May 2008).

It was in the same church Amy and Lena were baptised, the catholic church attached to the school I went to, and that Amy and Lena attended while we were in NZ. It was on Easter Sunday, the weekend of my class reunion, so several of my classmates were there, doing readings and prayers, and I did 'The Procession' (bringing wine and communion bread to the altar, yes they trusted me with the wine) with my favorite old school teacher Mrs Roberts.

I'll get some photos of the ceremony from my brother later. For now, just a few cute pics of my sweet baby in her very pretty gown.

In the Bishop's chair, after the ceremony. I breastfed her in this chair, after she tried to yank my top down in church during the 'Mother's Blessing'!

In the school grounds after church.

Dancing in the school grounds. In the background, some of my classmates firing up the barbie for the sausage sizzle we put on after Easter Mass.

At Grandma's House before we left.


anchan said...

What a gorgeous little princess!

Lulu said...

Oh She looks adorable! Can not wait to see pictures from the ceremony as well.

We want to baptise our future kids too but also have them take part in buddhist rituals as well for my partners family etc- I am glad that it went well!!!

Gina said...

I love that you had your daughter baptized. My two boys are also baptized. And I'm Catholic as well. I think doing both ceremonies is an excellent idea! : )