Saturday, October 03, 2009

Erica's Birthday Party

The birthday girl.Anpanman and Baikinman. Anpanman is a cartoon character immensely popular with the toddler set in Japan. They don't even need to watch the show, they just recognize his face and get excited. Baikinman was an after-thought, after I had too much cake batter!
Some of her gifts. Note Anpanman again!

The kids all just moved too fast for me to get photos of them! The party was quite short, and I have lost my usual camera (these photos are taken on my video camera). Amy directing the spoon rescue effort. A spoon was dropped on the new canopy roof, under the bedroom window and over the lounge door to the garden. Their attempts involved the bucket, and a hose hoisted up to the second floor with the aid of that gauzy veil and a string of pearls. Girls! Ya gotta respect their ingenuity.

After the party we all walked to the concert venue. The wee birthday girl was had it by then!


anchan said...

Awesome cakes!! Bet she loved them! I love the birthday girl's crown, nice idea. xxx

Lulu said...

Happy birthday to Erica, although I am a little late. Looks like a lovely time was had by all and the cakes look fantastic.

I have to admit I love anpanman- I think it is so adorable that he trys to help people by feeding them his face. Seriously when you think about it, it is a ridiculous cartoon but oh so cute.

I can not believe she is 2 already- I started reading your blog when she was still a baby.

Rachel said...

The birthday crown was the girls' idea. It was originally a decoration!

Lulu, thanks for your visits! I haven't actually ever watched Anpanman. I hired it once, but couldn't even sit through one episode before having to find something else to do. But yes, he is cute, and the idea is truly bizarre. So far it's been the most appropriate cake - the only character who is SUPPOSED to be eaten! Have you watched oden-kun?