Wednesday, October 07, 2009

My Day, by Erica

Had a nice long milky cuddle with Mummy

Played with my sisters! Yay!

Breakfast No.1. I got two choices, cornflakes and weetbix, but I didn't eat much of either. Playing with my sisters is too much fun!

Watched the Wiggles.

Played with my new jungle gym and a great set of blocks I found. They're wood, and there's a hammer, and I can bang rods into holes - and I'm so good at it that I have to get Mummy to get the poles back out again.

I tried to convince Mummy that I should be outside too. I even found a shoe to remind her. She said something about 'small' and tried to put those new sneakers on me, but she didn't realize I WANTED the pink one. I had to let her know with a REALLY big scream. But then she only put it half on my foot! I still tried to do some exploring in it, but then she went back inside already.

Breakfast No.2. I'm very very happy because I can say 'waith' and 'anpanman' and Mummy knows I want a bowl of rice with furikake sprinkles on it! I had my rice with Baikinman today, then Dokinchan.

I went to play with Daddy for an hour. His shop is fun, and he has the Wiggles too!

I sat in the car and cried. When I wiggled and protested that I didn't want to get out of my seat, I thought Mum would realize I wanted to keep driving. But she's so dumb, she just said 'Well stay there then' and went to the Post Office without me. Boo hoo!

Went for a ride in the shopping trolley. I didn't like sitting in the trolley at first, but then I found a really fun game of pushing Mummy away from the trolley and she kept nearly falling over. I helped Mummy hold the bananas, then the Anpanman toothpaste and then the yogurt. A lady gave me a sausage. I thought it would be a good idea to poke the toothpick through the yogurt lid, but Mummy disagreed with me and threw it away.

I had a pot of peach yogurt for lunch, it was so yummy I ate all of it and wanted another one but Mummy wouldn't let me. She gave me some bread but I didn't want that. My tummy is FULL of rice and dried fish Daddy gave me.

I had another nice cuddle with Mummy then had nap. I love sleeping.

I woke up a bit early and didn't feel right. Mummy was being all busy and not cuddling me, so I was sad. I tried to let her know I wasn't happy when she moved the TV by kicking my legs, but she ignored me. I was so desperate to let her know how frustrated that made me feel that I threw myself back on the couch but Daddy's guitar was on it and I bumped my head. Mummy laughed and kept vacuuming! Horrible Mummy but she's my only one so I asked for a huggle. I didn't know why I was crying anymore I just felt awful and I needed a cuddle! Mummy gave me a nice cuddle.

I played with my sisters again! I was so happy when Lena came home that I jumped up and down.

We all went in the car together. I love going on adventures in the car with Mummy and my sisters.

We all played on the slide at Keio Academy. Amy bought me some juice. It was so much fun! But Mummy didn't realize it wasn't time to leave yet, and I tried to tell her. I tried Japanese (matte) AND English (up! up!) but she didn't get it and we had to go.

Lena and I had great fun running around the laundromat. I can just reach the tap from the bench!

We had a yummy dinner, my favorite - soup. I sat in the big chair! Lena didn't seem to mind sitting in my highchair. There was another big chair spare but she sat there anyway. I like to sit on the big chairs anyway. Sometimes I climb into the highchair just to let Mummy know I'm REALLY hungry - if telling her 'eat eat food' and pointing at my mouth, and bringing her a bowl and saying 'soup!' or 'waith!' doesn't work.

I sat down for my medicine. I'm good at sitting down, but my mouth gets tired from holding my mouth open so long.

Lena tried to get my nappy off but I'm too fast for her, ha ha!

Lena got my nappy off. But that's okay because then we got in the shower. Lena didn't make a bath so I made one. I put the shower in there, so then she remembered and we got in the bath and it was fun playing in it while it was filling up. I called out to Mummy and she came, but she only got in the bath for a little bit then we all got out.

I managed to lounge naked on the sofa for a few minutes before they caught me. It was okay though cos I really was tired and wanted to get my Anpanman pyjamas on and go 'nenne' and 'sheep sheep' with Dorothy the Dinosaur.

I had another lovely cuddle with Mummy and some goodnight milk. But I'm a big girl now, so I took my water bottle and my chuppa and rolled over and went to sleep on my own.

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Vicky said...

Ahhhh, she is a LOVED baby! Though maybe she's not a baby any more at two..... Nah, she'll always be your baby!!

As I was reading this my nearly 13 year old baby moaned at me because I wasn't listening to him, and he made neglected noises so I went to give him a big cuddle too! They are always our babies, forever....