Saturday, October 03, 2009

Fuma Killers Concert

We ended the day of Erica's birthday at a live concert - both Kanji's band, and the band of Erica's birthday twin Yuki's father and Aunt were playing that night.

Kanji on the left. Okay the pyjamas take a bit of explaining, as do the nurses. As you may be aware if you read this blog, the band used to be called Nakatsu Sex Pistols. Then they got sick of being the Sex Pistols, and decided to cover a Japanese punk band instead. Each time they played as the Sex Pistols, they had a gimmick. It was/is as much a comedy routine as it is a rock band. One night, they dressed up in pyjamas, playing the role of escapees from an insane asylum, and stormed the stage during another gig, taking over the instruments and playing a few songs. On that day, they called themselves the FumaKillers, which means Bug Spray in Japanese. And the nurses? Well presumably they are from the insane asylum too. These two girls have an act where they just get up on stage dressed in 60's outfits and boots and dance rather badly to classic Japanese 60's pop tunes. For some reason their bold amateurishness is really appealing and they became quite popular. So it's really the combination of two slightly odd acts into one very odd act! The lead singer's mask says 'Swine Flu' and I'm guessing those great big needles have something to do with that, or something...

A bad photo or really clever photo-shopping to suggest the atmosphere of the club? You decide. That's Amy and Lena stage right, learning how to be rock fans and hang off the stage.

Aww...she slept through several songs like this! But after she woke up, there was no stopping her - I couldn't get her out of that room for a break outside. Every time she fussed and pointed to the door calling out 'dance! dance!'

Birthday twin Yuuki, also fell asleep! On the right, his aunty Yukiko on vocals and his Dad on the right playing the guitar.

More atmospheric shots outside the club just before we walked home.

(Okay, okay so I don't know how to focus or where the night-shot switch is yet.)

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