Monday, October 19, 2009

Late One Night

Late one night Erica would not sleep, and I had a touch of PMS so I got fed up with that and decided to just let her stay up, until she was so exhausted that she would go to sleep in a nanosecond. Of course, being over-tired, she was full of beans! She made us laugh so much!

She's telling Daddy about the cat, and then he starts talking about 'love love' the cat - that's the baby sign she's doing when she turns around, 'love'...then she sees the camera and poses with the classic Japanese peace-sign pose...

Padme Amidala's Gun:
We got the gun with some Halloween costumes. Of course Erica has no idea what it is, but Lena pretended to die for her amusement earlier in the day, so she had a go at it too. Note how very carefully she executes the final fall to the ground!

she was actually terrified of the Lego octopus earlier in the day, but now she just had evil designs! She is saying 'octopus'!

Wake Up Jeff:
From the Wiggles TV show, she's learned to count to three and shout Wake Up Jeff! It's a game she often likes to play with her Papa. I have no idea why she hit him, it's not a normal part of the game, I'm blaming it on the late night! Please excuse the underwear, I hope my husband forgives me for uploading this...


Lulu said...

Haha, these videos are great. I think I like the wake up jeff one the best. Very cute.

I love her PJs too, where did you get them? Or were they a NZ purchase?! They are smily faces right?

sassymoo said...

Soooooo cute! I`m going to have to teachPoppy how to do `wake up Jeff` on daddy, tee hee!

Rachel said...

You know, I don't remember where I got those pyjamas! They are smiley faces, and she loves them. But after three girls in a row these little details start to fade..

illahee said...

she's so adorable, as always!!

jjamprack said...

Hi Love your videos she is a cute wee girl. I visited both her new cousins yesterday and managed to get my first cuddle with Sophie she is sooooooooooo tiny.I Am at Marias for dinner roast chicken yum.Hope this works. Love you MUM

Rachel said...

Mum!!! I do wish you'd comment more often, great to hear from you. I wish I could go and cuddle our little ladies too!

xanthomorph said...

Yeah you are right Rach, she is the cutest 2 year old in the world ever, full stop.