Monday, October 05, 2009

Hospital Day

FOUR hospitals today, I think that's a record.

First, the dentist, to check Lena's tooth. She had it removed last week, rather than put a filling in a baby tooth. We were supposed to get it checked on Friday, but I got too busy (with those high-heel brogues). There was no time to check Amy, much to her relif.

Then I stopped by City Hospital, where the girls are being seen by a pediatrician for their asthma. I just wanted to know what time/day my next appointment was. But the receptionist didn't listen to me. I'm pretty sure I used all the right words, but she started drowning me out with 'hai hai' before I'd even finished, convinced she knew what I wanted. Why oh why do Japanese think anticipating your needs is such a great virtue!

I got worried when she told me to sit down. I've gone in to ask for the dates before, and just simply got told them and left. But I concluded she was just a bit slow...incompetent...I was wondering if she was getting each child's file out in person individually, looking up the information manually, then putting it back and coming back to the desk to get the next card and start the search all over again. How hard can it be to find out the date and time of your appointment?

So I wasn't too surprised when she finally finished, 15 minutes later, and called me to the desk to get my appointment numbers. A nurse said 'Where are the children?' 'Not here' I said. 'I only wanted the date and time'. Nurse looks at receptionist, who looks a bit shocked, then realizes what she's done. I just hope she realizes that it's because she assumed she knew what I wanted and didn't listen, and doesn't conclude that it was my fault.

However, in the meantime I'd seen the girls' doctor in the office, so before they could even begin to apologize and start making amends, I said 'But they're waiting in the car, so I'll go get them'. Might as well, since we were there! (Just as well, as a typhoon hit later in the week!)

We took a break for lunch and a nap, then headed off to the dermatologist to get their warts seen to. The freezing isn't supposed to hurt, but they seem to be in a lot of pain. Perhaps only one more visit and the warts should be all gone. I hope for their sakes they don't ever come back! I think they'll put up with them for longer next time...

Rounding out our hospitally day was a visit to the OB clinic to see Aunty Mie, who had a hysterectomy. She was fine, very bored. We brought her flowers. There are so many rules for bringing people flowers in Japan. Can't be in soil, or it suggest a long stay (taking root) can't be chrysanthemums as they are too funereal. At least the florist knows what's appropriate!

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