Tuesday, November 10, 2009

7-5-3 Just the Seven this time!

My Little Lena is seven! So she got to wear the full kimono with obi and all the accessories.

Photos taken in the formal sitting room at her grandparents' house.

At the shrine:

Details of her outfit. Above, from the rear, the hairclip and the big obi bow. Below, the obi (wide silver brocade belt with embroidered butterflies), obiage (red tie-dye scarf tucked into the top of the obi), obidome (cord tied around the obi), plus a small purse for tissues tucked into the collar and a fan tucked into the belt.

Left: in front of Nakatsu shrine, Right: in front of the castle

Left: at the fortune box, Right: prayers in front of the shrine

With her Mum and Dad


Lulu said...

Lena looks beautiful! The red kimono was a lovely choice for her.

jjamprack said...

Rachel,Lena looks absolutely beautiful and I love the red it suits her very well.I would love some real photos to show off to my friends.Have fun searching for the perfect cruise
Love Mum