Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Huis ten Bosch, the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Spot those three little fairies in the garden?

The Kids - they had a marvellous time!

Left to Right: Koushi, Lena, Maia, Koushi's Mum, Maia's Mum, Amy and Erica.


The Bike - On Day Two we hired bikes to get around. Me with my big family, we had to hire a four-person bike - then the other two kids just had to get on (there were two baby seats in the middle, just big enough for the Lena or Koushi), so the other two mums just hired single bikes. Honestly we had SO MUCH FUN going up the hills and down, pedaling like mad, fighting over the brakes (Amy and I) and chasing the horse carriages every time we saw them - we'd yell 'basha basha basha' (horse-carriage) and pedal like crazy trying to catch up to the horses. Or just yell 'woooOOOOOO' when we went anywhere - even Erica. We gently crashed a few times, but best of all, we didn't get wet in the rain, except for after we left it parked while we viewed an attraction - then the water would course off the canopy onto one leg each!

The Bungalow

We all LOVED our accommodation. This 'bungalow' was more like a whole house, with separate bath and toilet downstairs, a huge living room with a fold-out closet kitchen, and upstairs two separate rooms with their own basins and another separate toilet. We all decided we want to move there. Out the living room door was a balcony onto the canal, where we could feed the carp and swans.

I think our unit was the fourth from the right on the island in the centre.

Cheese and Chocolate
Huis ten Bosch is justifiably famous for its REAL cheese and delicious chocolate. I was in gastronomic heaven!

Girls in the chocolate cafe - a cafe selling a variety of hot choclate drinks and chocolate themed desserts. Amy got a chocolate parfait, I got chocolate crepes and Lena got a chocolate tart. Maia got ice cream.

I bought these exact chocolates - saving them for Christmas so I can't tell you how good they were yet...

Grand Odyssey

This fun attraction was basically a CG movie - starring US! Before going in, we had our faces scanned, then 'we' appeared as characters in the movie! Below are the Amy and Lena characters.

Horizon Adventure Plus
Watching a whole town in Holland flood from the safety of your seat. Bizarre, curious, amazing, a little scary!

Mirror Maze
The kids probably loved this more than anything at the park. They went through about six times, and still begged for more! They are still telling the story of how Lena thought she had found Maia and went towards her - only to crash into a mirror!

(cheat - this photo is actually of a carnival mirror in the Teddy Bear museum - of course no photos were allowed in the actual attraction)

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