Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Guy Fawkes

Guy Fawkes night is on November 5th, but the big fireworks display in Hawera was on Saturday 31st. Mum lives right next door to the showgrounds, so rather than pay money to go and see the show, the family gathered at her house to watch from her bedroom balcony.

Including us!!!

We were actually just skyping to say Hello and have a moan about everyone having the flu, but we found the whole family around there! Michael spoke to us first to tell us they'd just eaten dinner, 'pasta and stuff'. 'Stuff' turned out to be Frankfurter dish, a family favorite. I was taken on a tour of the kitchen to inspect the leftovers, including Steinlager beer and glasses of wine. I couldn't touch any of it of course, but that was okay as I didn't feel at all like drinking wine with a fever!

Then Keelah and her friend Lily, who Amy also went to school with in NZ, turned up. We also saw baby Lily, who was conveniently awake for us, and stared nonplussed at the computer screen for a few moments. Aunties Jo and Maria were there too, and Grandma of course. We stayed online to watch the fireworks, though the effect on a computer screen was not so impressive. We did appreciate the commentary though - Josh informed us that the display was 'freakin' awesome!'.


Jo Tomooka said...

Gotta love technology! Now if they could just work out a way of conveying the smells and things too...
Did your comment about the fever mean that you have been struck down too? Still just counting the days till our two (or all of us...) go down with it.

Rachel said...

Oh, I didn't mention that, yes, me too, though not as severely. Low fever in the morning, quite high by nightfall, very tired. Kanji's gotten away with it so far.

jjamprack said...

Dear Rachel
That was so much fun on Saturday night and even more so as you where able to join us thru cyber space.Hope you and your family are on top of the flu,and the fever and chill have subsided.We have just had the coldest October in 64 years.
much love mum