Thursday, November 12, 2009

Halloween Party

The eerie scene in the genkan...

Kanade just came over to play but got a BIG fright! She just called out of the blue that morning and we said YES! Come over and play (tee hee hee).

Two little witches and Jasmine.

Kanade would not put on a costume, though we had loads to spare, and some very pretty ones too.

All the kids together in one frame, not exactly certainly is a challenge getting that many toddlers to sit still at once, especially when they were still feeling a little shy.

Amy and Lena, scary witches!

Erica doing god knows what with a stick and a slinky. Tommy the Pumpkin.

Snow White Sasha and Spiderman Hiro

Nao, and her costume. Never the twain did meet (that's her intrepid Dad under the Ladybu get-up)

Cupcakes! We had a cake-decorating session. Clockwise from left, an eyeball, a spider (No, not a witch), a witch (no, not a ghost) and a hand emerging from a grave in front. That was my favorite - the dirt is made out of chocolate icing and damp brown sugar!

Hiro getting into the green. All the kids decorating.

Amy and Lena are old hands at the cake decorating business. Sasha and Tommy skipped the cakes and icing and tucked straight into the lollies.

A rare photo of Nao and Erica NOT fighting. Nao took to the decorating business like a duck to water. I'm predicting she's going to be saying 'cake-ya-san ni naritai' at her kindy graduation. ("I want to have a cake shop"). Here are her masterpieces. She didn't mind that the icing fell off with the weight of the jelly beans, she just added more! Now that's my kind of cake!


We made spooky-face pies. Amy and Lena pose with their creations.

Left, Devil's eggs. To be skulled like shots. On the right, witch's broomsticks, made out of pasty, to use as dippers.

Left, a cauldron and brew (pumpkin and cheese fondue dip) and on the right, blood, pus and bogies for refreshments.


illahee said...

awesome photos! thanks for such a great halloween party!

anchan said...

I bet you all had a blast! I LOVE the eyeball cupcake, and the blood pus and boogie cups - gruesome!

Sara said...

that looks like an awesome halloween party!! cute kids, scary decorations, yummy food!!

Dee said...

those are great cupcakes!

kuri, ping & the pinglet said...

Thanks for posting the photos, Rachel! Love the commentary. :) Of course, Nao's still talking about the party. Mostly about the 100 yen plastic ball that she conveniently brought home from your house. :)