Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Annual 'Last Day of Spring Break' post

Only it's technically the day after the last day, which wasn't even the last day really as the girls went to school in the morning to collect their text books and learn what teacher they have this year. Amy has the same teacher again, which is fine as he's okay, but she'd prefer the other sixth grade teacher because she's also the music teacher, so it would be easier for her to ask permission to practice the piano every morning. Lena is in the second class - again - which annoyed her because she's been in the second class in every grade so far. (a random, not an academic assignment). She was upset because her best friends are in the other class.

Busy spring break! Hanami and hanami and out for dinner and something then a day off then another hanami and a night in then another two picnics yesterday. More about those another time when I get the photos sorted.

Our little world has changed again as it does every April. I'm down two classes, and with no Journal to do now, I will have to look for some more lucrative ways to pass my time - after I finish the spring cleaning and Mum's visit is over. We now have nothing on a Monday, juku on Tuesday, nothing (cooking and English at home) on Wednesday, swimming for all three girls on Thursday followed by us teaching the Harada family English.

And I joined the swimming club! Chance to go tomorrow, though I can see myself rewarding myself with a glass of wine for my efforts. Or maybe I should be telling myself I am not allowed a glass of wine tomorrow night UNLESS I get in that damn pool.

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