Thursday, April 19, 2012

Man flu?

I really shouldn't blog in the evening when I am tired and just want to get it over with, like last night! I ended up taking the path of least effort, deleting things that would require extra explanation, and just plain forgetting really important stuff, like my poor husband upstairs suffering with influenza.

But if you thought this was going to be a rant about bloody man flu and how the world comes to a halt for poor bloke to moan and suffer, you're wrong. I can't. He's could win a prize for stoic endurance, actually came downstairs mid-fever to make his own meals, and diligently tells me he doesn't need anything... the only things I've done for him so far is make the bed and buy a newspaper.

This wouldn't be so bad, only I'm extremely selfishly worried that it means that I will be expected to be just as strong and silent when it's my turn (hoping desperately that my turn won't come, as I am booked solid for the next six weeks). Whereas I, you know, prefer to act like the world has come to an end and everyone should wait on me hand and foot.

Meanwhile the Great Living Room and Study Clear-Out continues at the same snail's pace. Lena and Erica are playing some variety of fetch. Amy is blobbed in my computer chair. Swimming starts in 20 minutes, but I think we will be giving it a miss this week. I'm going to leave you now, check facebook, turn on some music, check on Kanji and see if he wants some ginger lemon drink, stand in the hallway for ten minutes and contemplate where to put all the furniture on Sunday evening, go get some milk for my tea, realize it's getting late and serve dinner, and then lament that I didn't have time to clean up my computer desk as I head out the door to Haradas' English lesson.

(edited to add:
Ha! foiled again. Tired children plus germs meant I decided it was a better idea to just cancel everything. So I DID get the computer area cleaned up...)

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