Wednesday, April 18, 2012


I spent most of the day cleaning.

Do you know how often I can write that sentence? Almost never. I finished the bathroom, did laundry, cooked dinner, cleaned the freezer and the shelf above the kitchen sink, which is always a disaster.

The tatami man is coming on Monday, so the living rooms have to be gutted. Amy and Lena are in the middle of clearing out their desks for removal, which of course means the room looks like a tornado swept through. I (I sheepishly admit) have not yet started on my desk area...

And I am once again happily suffering from my own variety of the mid-week hump day - only it's actually more like Sunday night as I contemplate my very short work week of two days. I must search out some more work, but not until after Mum goes, I think. She is in Oman now, probably having the time of her life, very hot, in a desert somewhere or enjoying the shopping in Dubai.

Another good thing about work is that it stops me drinking, I was drinking too much over the spring break, that Journal drove me to drink in the end!!! But I can never drink on a work night and try to avoid it on a school night too, as I am useless the next morning. At least I'll save some cash. Until I make that order from Wassy's, Mum's Sav...

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