Sunday, April 29, 2012

Erica Says

Walked up to Grandma at the airport to carefully say "Welcome Grandma"

While I was brushing her hair a new show came on Discovery with 'die thingy mans' (soldiers)

Next was a jungle. First she asked me if penguins live in the jungle. I said no. Then I said 'but monkeys live in the jungle'. 'Not jungle, jumple' she said. 'No, it's jungle' I said. 'NO!!! JUMPLE!' she insisted. She  then said she'd show me and ran off to get a pen, and then some paper. She settled herself down at her desk, and a few seconds later called out 'Mum! How do you spell jumple?'

We picked up Baachan at the Stand, and Grandma said something to me. Erica told her to speak Japanese to Baachan please! We explained that Grandma can't speak Japanese, and said, with a very puzzled expression, 'But I can talk Japanese!!

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