Wednesday, April 11, 2012


I would seriously ask myself why I got such pleasure out of a bit of economical shopping and buying food for the next three dinners for ¥3000 (with ¥1000 left to buy fish on Friday night for the fish'n'chips hanami excursion), but I think I know why. It's the satisfaction of plinking those shiny ¥500 coins into the savings tin for Mum's trip to Japan and our family trip to Huis ten Bosch (minus hubby, he costs too much).

Or maybe it's the satisfaction of knowing that if I am careful and stretch it out all week I can indulge a little at the weekend, include a meal out, or a hungover trip to MacD's (and the wine to get me hungover in the first place).

Or maybe because I worked hard - four stores in the rain. Or because I estimated the cost before hand and got it nearly all right, except I thought lettuce would cost less and pumpkin more.

Or maybe it was just the most energetic thing I did today. I did not make it to swimming...

Anyhow, for future reference or fellow madwoman budgeters, today's haul:

Chicken breast meat: ¥184 and ¥214 (budgeted ¥300)
3 pumpkin quarters: ¥285 (budgeted ¥600)
potatoes: ¥100 (budgeted ¥100)
lettuce ¥299 (budgeted ¥200)

Chips (crinkle cut french fries): ¥299 (budgeted ¥300)

Tea bags: ¥198 (not budgeted)

Little Mermaid (bakery):
5 butter rolls: ¥500
Half a crusty loaf: ¥225
Small French loaf: ¥120
total ¥895 (budgeted ¥1000)

Youme Town:
Cheese: ¥248 (budgeted ¥400)

Oh, and..

Youme Town:
Japanese champagne, half bottle: ¥498
Six pack of not-even-happoshu fake beer (Nisshin Super Sounama): ¥498

I suppose I should add the menu!
Today, pumpkin soup with bread and cheese
Tomorrow, spicy chicken wrapped in lettuce leaves with chopped tomato, crushed corn chips and parmesan cheese
Friday, fish'n'chips in the park

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