Saturday, June 02, 2012

Wow, April 19?

Six weeks?

Actually I don't think this is my biggest hiatus, I think I went for a few months a few years ago. So no need to declare it all over!

And I will catch up, actually, I think, because I really would like to blog all of Mum's trip to Japan. It will take ages, but well, I have time right now. I'm down to four lessons a week now, with unspecified proofreading on top, and the AFWJ Pres job, which is what you make it. I have a lot of ideas there too...

Ideas, ideas... for photos, the spare room, the shed, my stuff, my hobbies, my jobs, OH and yeah I joined the swimming club again, so back in the pool!!! Oh, suddenly I feel all busy again.

But not today. I came home from Kyoto with an awful cold, someone stuffed my head full of cotton wool and I feel all weird and every now and then my body decides my lungs should really be on the outside and tries to put them there. So I'm going to harrass my kids into cooking dinner - one can cook the rice, the other one can go down to the shop and get some fried chicken and I just might get busy and saute some spinach to scramble with eggs just so I can say they ate something green today.

Then put them to bed and watch the Jubilee on BBC.


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Jo Tomooka said...

Good to see you back again. Hope the cold gets better. Let me know when you have some free time, if it coincides with my free times... ie Monday mornings.. then maybe we could meet! Hope your Mum had a great time.