Sunday, June 03, 2012

Lazy sunny summer Sunday

We are just blobbing around, being Sunday.

Here are the kids reading their library books. Amy has started going to the library to supplement her Japanese reading material, and was kind enough to take her baby sister with her. She loves it! And apparently is quiet and well-behaved, even reporting back to us over dinner tonight how you have to "nizuka at the shoshokan". I'm wondering if all that would fall through if I was there... luckily I am not. Much as I LOVE libraries, I hate Japanese ones, it's too depressing when you finally find the 'English' book section and 90% of the books are English learning texts and the other two are books about Japan. Today I managed to get Lena to tag along too, and I went to pick up some items from Cosmos (milk, bread, eggs, noodles for lunch), then just managed to get in a cup of tea and some cheese on crackers before they all came home again.

The thing about this blobby Sunday is that we all keep thinking of what we would be doing if Grandma was still here. We know what she WAS doing today - playing DrawSomething with us!! We are up to 175 now!

We probably would have thought of something to do, somewhere to go, instead of just hanging. 

I think if Grandma had been here, we might have cracked open a bottle of wine, being a warm sunny afternoon, and my cold finally clearing up. We'd have had something different for dinner, because with her input I probably would not have done a 'clear the fridge and freezer' type meal (chicken burritos).

There's no cold tea bag sitting on the little ceramic tea-pot shaped tea-bag tray.

Grandma's chair lies empty, the pillow from my bed still on in.

The big pot is finally back in the cupboard, after serving as Mum's "hot, soapy water" receptacle for a month.

The genkan is minus a few pairs of shoes (but plus two more, as Amy and I bought matching jewelled sandals today)

'Her' room still smells faintly of her perfume. This won't last much longer in this wicked humidity, but it's nice while it does.

The laundry is not yet hung.

The flowers ARE watered, Lena has turned into a watering machine! Yay! But we all stand around those pots of dying crysanthemums and wonder what to do.

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