Thursday, June 07, 2012

Dead Guy

Anyone following the Guy/MacDonald murder case?

I don't usually follow a murder case so closely, but something about this one is just fascinating me. Maybe it's because it's close to somewhere I used to live:

(The murder happened at the Red A pin, I lived on the road centre right called Nannestads Line.)

Or because it was so mysterious when it happened - a young handsome guy, Scott Guy, a dad with a pregnant wife, all round good guy, popular, successful, no enemies or criminal back story, is found lying dead one morning in front of his still-running car, shot in the neck. No one has the slightest idea who did this, who would want to do it. It's like the first scene of a particularly good episode of a crime procedural drama, when you are left thinking, "How the hell are they going to find out who did it?" No motive, no robbery, no witnesses, no murder weapon, no fingerprints, no leads. For nine months, the family periodically put out pleas for information, and then...

The case took a sensational turn when Guy's brother-in-law (his sister's husband), who was a pall-bearer at his funeral and his best man at his wedding, was charged with the murder, the motive apparently being jealousy and hard feelings about the future of the farm they were both working on.

Or because it's such a cliff-hanger whodunnit. I'm totally undecided as to whether MacDonald did it or if he's just being framed by bored policemen. The evidence rests on a pair of boots that are now gone, whether or not MacDonald knew more than he should have about the murder, and a previous bullying campaign MacDonald waged against Guy's family in order to intimidate them into leaving, including notes and vandalism. Okay that last bit sounds a bit suspicious...

Before the police determined that Guy had been shot, everyone thought he had had his throat cut and that was the story going around, but apparently this Ewan MacDonald was saying he had been shot. So right now in court, there is an awful lot of minute testimony going down about exactly how much of the body he had seen, and who said what to whom and when. Getting people to remember the grapevine nearly two years after the event!

Awaiting the next turn of the screw...

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