Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Show Tunes

Amy and Lena have really gotten into show tunes lately. Kids love musicals! We caught the tail end of Singing in the Rain last week. I remember watching that movie as a kid, on a Saturday afternoon on TV, the only other choice in NZ being cricket or rugby....

The one song that stuck with them though, wasn't the title hit, but another one called 'Good Morning':

They like Dirty Dancing too, but again, not the classics - they like this one:

I suppose this one is a bit of cliche..

Another one they sing a lot is this one:

I'll add more as I hear them singing them! I hope this post will be a nice little memory for them in years to come.

Here's one!



Gaijin Wife said...

Oh No! Thats the worst Dirty Dancing song there is. Does it come with actions? My kids sing 'Life is a highway', 'airplanes', 'Slice of Heaven' and anything by Arashi at the moment. I use the term sing very artistically though :)

Rachel said...

I think they like it because it's so bad, it's good! Slice of Heaven, hmm, I must get them to sit down and watch that movie sometime