Wednesday, June 20, 2012


At Amy's request, a few of today's funnies:

Erica: While explaining to Lena why Erica wasn't sufficiently horrified at her mentioning that someone 'died' in their imaginary game, I pointed out that for four-year olds, dying just means lying down, going to sleep, and then you go to the hospital and the doctor fixes you. And what they are REALLY afraid of is their family going away and their being left alone. In order to prove this, I said to Erica, "What would you do if Mummy went away". Without skipping a beat she replied, "Go to the toilet with Lena." Guess she's used to Mummy going away!!

Lena: During today's English lesson, we learned contractions and apostrophes. I told them to NEVER use them with plurals, to which, of course, they replied, "What are plurals?". "Books," I said, "and sofaS and..." and we went on to add more and more plurals. "Bums!" Lena said, then Amy said "bottoms!" and I said "boobs". Then Lena said "We'd better not say the next one..." We didn't, we were too busy laughing at Lena.

Erica again: During the same lesson, Erica had completed her lesson, and gone off to play with her toy kitchen. She brought over the tea cups and tea pot and prepared to pour us all tea. "Oh, I don't WANT any tea!" Amy said, annoyed at the intrustion. "It's okay, it's a TOY" Erica replied.

Amy: STILL doing the same lesson, while we were all heads-together examining a map, Amy decided to ambush Lena with a big "BOO!". Lena didn't move an eyelash. Amy said, "Lena, why didn't you get a fright?"

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