Friday, June 15, 2012


Erica's asleep on the sofa, Kanji is watching awful Japanese variety shows (lo-ra!) with Amy and Lena, and letting them taste his wine (YUCK!), I am steaming from a hot bath lubricated with red wine.Fridays are often like this, K is home early, we eat together, we have no obligations the next day, so everyone is relaxed, the kids ignore their homework, and we all ignore the clock!

Jiichan is back in hospital, the cancer has come back and we're going to see him in Kurume on Sunday - Father's Day.

And I've finally seen some photos of my adorable first great-niece, Isabelle, what a little treasure! She looks like Erica, dark and fat!

Life goes on.

Erica just wet herself. Guess who cleaned it up and changed her?

While we were watching that section on Music Station where they get kids to listen to the songs that were popular when they were born. It's fun because I have kids in shogakko, so that means they often play songs from when I was living in Japan before I got married, when I listened to quite a bit of J-Pop, so I actually get that "ooo natsukashiii!!" feeling! Nevertheless I always guess them wrong, and K gets them right. And my kids know NONE of them. I don't play much old music, I think I'll have to start catching them up on the history of music!

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