Thursday, April 18, 2013


Empty Nest!

Well it took four days. I slept on Monday, cleaned up on Tuesday, worked on Wednesday and today. But it was this morning as I left the house - gloriously on time, without shouting at anyone! - that I felt just a little twinge of it. That this was what life is going to be like now on a daily basis, me on my own, or heading off to work. Not so much missing them, and certainly not bored, but more realizing that it's the end of an era. No more hanging out at home with the kiddies or going shopping with my little side-kick

Man, that was quick.

I'm glad I did it, slowed down a bit, spent the time with them, enjoying them, doing things together.

Of course it's hardly all over yet - the kindy reeeeally eases them into the routine and Erica's coming home at 12pm for the first month, so the side-kick shopping trips continue for now, and of course there's the mad mad afternoons - Amy came home with her school sports timetable - she's practicing with her club until 6pm every night, plus Saturday mornings, with matches often scheduled on Sundays and public holidays so it's certainly not over yet! But the days become mine and mine alone.  I'm sure the novelty will wear off soon and I'll fill up the spaces!

They are all in bed, Amy's under-loft desk-space blocked off by a blanket so the other two can go to bed at 9pm. And that's probably the earliest I can manage on a Thursday! Erica will be doing karate until 8pm now, and Amy and Lena won't be starting their homework until 7pm. Dinner and baths.. yes it's very easy to see how Japanese are awake until 10 or 11pm on a school night.

Foot news

Catch 22: if I don't use it, it hardly hurts at all - but if I then use it, it hurts! When it doesn't hurt, I feel like I am being such an over-dramatic sook with my crutch and elaborate limping. Wimp. But then the pain if I foolishly try to act normal! So-so today, because I used the crutch, even though it felt like I was overdoing it.

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shinshu life said...

Wow JHS is hardcore, hey? >_< Good luck adjusting to the new schedule!