Thursday, April 04, 2013

Broken Foot Life

The biggest thing is the driving. How do you not drive for 2-3 weeks?

I'm actually working it out much better than I though I would be able to. No driving since Saturday now, and with any luck, I can hold out until Monday the 15th, although I may need to drive by next Thursday. Still, that's one more week from today, and it feels a lot better today - feels better every day of course.

I can walk. It's not that hard really, I walk on the heel or side of the foot, but the problem is I end up with sore shins, knees, thighs and hips from the cacky walking, so I got a crutch, which I could not coordinate for the first few days. I make myself use it to prevent having a sore everything later on. It wasn't this hard with the other toes, this must be worse, or in a worse place. Drat.

And rest, yeah, who needs that? Great excuse to blow off the spring cleaning though. But I still have things to do, cooking, laundry, cleaning up. The girls are helping but aren't terribly efficient... I know from experience that I can do a whole lot more - but will regret it by nightfall. It feels fine in the morning and begins to ache more and more as the day goes on.

Kanji's having a go at being soccer mom. That's fun. You should have heard him yesterday rehearsing out lout tonight's duties. Then I reminded him to add the English lesson from next week...

He's been taking me to the hospital for dressing changes and to work and took me shopping on Tuesday, I tried to buy a week's worth. Shopping hurt! I thought I'd be okay leaning on the trolley, but no, I needed that crutch.

It's surprising how tiring it is! I suppose between energy for healing, the extra effort it takes to walk anywhere, and slightly disrupted sleep, it's to be expected.

Oh, and I need to add to the bad luck list. Vanilla knocked the computer of the table and smashed the screen. Grrr.

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