Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Good News Bulletin

* I can drive again. So nice to have my independence back.

* School started. All three kids out by 7:50, it's amazing but it's Wednesday and the living room is still passably tidy!

* I solved the Erica bed problem (it broke again on Monday). I simply laid the two slabs of wood on the FLOOR between the sides of the frame, instead of balanced on the lip of the frame, as they are designed to do. Can't possibly fall off the floor, and the wood slabs keep the mattress off the ground. Actually, it was Erica's idea! Well, she decided she wanted to sleep on the floor inside the bed frame, and I added the bed slabs.

* I found a ring. This time a year ago, I bought a cane chair at a second-hand store. It rocks on a spring base, which is hidden inside a circular base. This double-base makes it impossible to clean inside - but also apparently creates a perfect hiding place for lost jewellery. I was reaching past the chair, which had been recently moved around as we prepared the room for the party, and just spied it there inside the base. I reached in and plucked it out, put it on, gave it to Amy, took it back.... looked a bit closer, and started to wonder. It was dusty, but very nice. A central oval cut emerald in a bezel setting, with two diamonds, one on either side. Looked inside, and indeed it had a gold mark, it's 18c gold, and you don't usually put crap stones in 18c gold, nor such tiny diamonds. If you're going to go fake, you go proper fake and get big ones!

So I suppose I'll have to get it valued sometime. If a comparison to my engagement ring is anything to go by, it could be worth $1-2000.

Of course, the other thing to do is wonder whose it is and if I can possibly find them. I haven't had anyone tell me they've lost a ring at my house, but if they do, well hey, I just found it guys!!

I suppose I could lodge it at the police station for six months, I think you get to take it back if no-one claims it.

I don't think the shop itself is a good bet, since the purchase was a year ago, and I'm pretty sure they don't keep records of what they buy either, and I would worry that they would decided to keep it 'for if the customer comes back' and then sell it themselves! I could tell just give them my phone number in case someone calls I suppose.

Or just keep it. Like Kanji said, it's fate, it's payback for losing my sapphire ring all those years ago (and both my signet rings!)

I'm wearing it now. I should take it off so I don't get too attached to it so I can sell it once I decide it's really mine, and take the kids on holiday. Maybe only to the next town for a picnic though if it's fake!

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