Wednesday, April 10, 2013

What to write?

I really don't know what to write. I should write about the nyugakushiki, Amy's junior high school entrance ceremony, but I can't be bothered. People have already put up so many photos on facebook that I'm bored with it already, and face it, it's a pretty boring event! But I took some nice photos so I'll put those together in a nice post for her for posterity.

And I was going to write about how I had decided that Wednesday was going to be my whinging day this year, what with classes at 10:30, 2pm and 5:30 for an hour each, plus a swimming lesson thrown in the middle.

But now I'm just exhausted. This is what I was writing the other day before I just got tired and went to sleep:

"I've had enough. It's only been one week but the novelty has definitely worn off, I am sick of this stupid foot. Doc today said I could drive maybe some time between the 15th and 22nd.... so poor Kanji is stuck with being my chauffeur and organizing his work life around mine, with me feeling increasingly guilty for putting him out so much - not that he's been anything but sweet and accommodating.

Maybe it's just that I was drinking last night (work do) and I always feel depressed the day after.

But not having my independence and getting so exhausted just trying to get around is very trying.

One thing on the up side - I did figure out that I can ride a bike, so I can now go shopping and maybe even take myself to a few lessons. We'll see how it pans out."

Well I wasn't drinking last night and still feel depressed! I guess that must be normal, right, if you have pain, and you're so tired, and have to shuffle and limp instead of walk, and you can't do anything above a snail pace, and have lost your independence.

The entrance ceremony was fine, but I was in tears before it because I had left my camera at work. Or rather, failed to pick it up (guess why?) after a co-worker borrowed it on Sunday to take pictures at the work do. Bless her, she turned up at the school gate with her own camera for me to borrow.

Then I got ANGRY at Manager for failing to notify me that the 2pm class had been given to someone else. Not happy at having a hour removed from my schedule (and paycheck) but in reality that class was going to be a pain in the neck and I didn't want to do it in the first place... angry because they hadn't told me I didn't need to come in today and I went through so much to get there - we had a rushed take out lunch after Amy's entrance ceremony instead of a leisurely lunch in a restaurant, I was tired from walking all over the junior high school (they picked the furthest classroom from the hall!) and Kanji of course having to take off more time to get me across town. Then, because I was hoping someone at work would drive me to the kindy, I had no ride back once I learned I had no class, and had to call Kanji back to pick me up.

I went straight home and, having no-one to call and abuse, went straight to bed and fell into a deep sleep. And I'm still tired!And I'm off to bed as I'm sick of myself moaning - good luck if you made it this far!

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Anonymous said...

so sorry to hear about your pain. It must be so hard not being able to get around, when you are so busy. I hope that it heals fast. Nancy in Tokyo