Saturday, April 06, 2013


No photos, you can work with a word image.

Deep Japanese bath.

Naked me, right foot wrapped in a plastic shopping bag over a towel over plastic wrap over a bandage sock over a bandage, balanced on a stool OUTSIDE the bath, left leg IN the bath, up to the thigh in steaming hot water. Things are kind of getting a bit playboy centrefoldish with the legs. And now I have to sit down. Slowly, slowly, knee inching closer to nose, I sink in. Have you ever got in a bath fanny* first?

(Take a few moment to yank out some in-grown hairs since I haven't been this close to my shin for.. well, at least since Susie's last yoga session.)

And sit! I did actually manage to get in! Then sat there with one foot poking up out of the bath like an olive in a martini.

And I did actually manage to enjoy it a little too, once I got my limb balance sorted out. I needed a nice soak on a wet day.

Having a shower is a lot more dignified, I should add, once I got past the mistake of standing up (water just ran into the bag). Sitting down, I can rest my foot outside the shower.

I don't remember it being this complicated the last two times. I suppose I did the dressings myself the first time, so I just took it off and re-did it after my shower or bath. And the second time, the silly splint would fall off in half a day so I just took it off, taped my toes, and slipped it back on to go to the doctor!   Again, I could easily re-do it myself, so I did, after the shower.

Looks like I'm stuck with shower shenanigans for a few more weeks this time.

* American or NZ interpretation work okay here

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