Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Health Report

Amy - fine and symptom free, on the inhaler Furutaido/Flixotide twice a day, and the Japanese medicine Onon, which is an anti-allergy medicine they hand out here for asthma. We got her blood test results back and she is not allergic to anything, including dust and bed-bugs, the biggie I was afraid of as having an allergy to that would mean doing a lot more vacuuming! Not to mention big guilt-trip for not doing very much vacuuming to date. For some reason the doctor turned around from explaining that Amy didn't have any allergies, and prescribed another month of anti-allergy meds. Maybe there's something else about that drug that I don't know. It seems to keep some of the symptoms at bay, but is that just addressing the symptoms, but not the underlying issue? Anyway, she's on the furutaido, which is a preventer.

Lena is also on a month's supply of onon, and it does work to keep her coughing down, and her very, very runny nose in the morning. I wonder if she has a dust allergy, probably we all have a mild one, and I really, really should vacuum the bedroom, and the beds, more often.

Sadly, little Erica has joined the procession at drug-time after dinner. She too has mild asthma, which is what really makes me think it must be my lousy housekeeping, or the cars, or the pollution. Onon for Erica too! And some cough medicine and another one to take away the phelgm. Again, all this addressing of symptoms that makes me mildly concerned. I think her doctor (she's going to the pediatrician, Amy and Lena are still at the hospital) expects it to go away naturally, as so many children's asthma does. I hope so too.

And me, I had a filling removed because it was causing the gum underneath to become inflamed. No cavities, just swelling, and I'm taking antibiotics for two days (two days???) until I go back to have a new filling put on. At least it's not a root canal.

Kanji is fit as a fiddle. At least someone is! Okay, off to dose everybody up!

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Anonymous said...

Oh.. right on, at least it is not a root canal... had one of those TWICE but he was a fabulous dentist! My filling came off once and I never fixed it... well never do that, I should have had it capped right away.

Happy to hear that A has no allergies.