Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Extra Hours

You know how some days you complain that the day is just too short, and you wish you had an extra 3, 6 or however many hours?

Well today it feels like I got that extra six hours.

After over a week of rushing, and fitting things in between trips to the hospital, I can't quite get over the fact that it's only 1:24 and I still have several hours of today left to go.

I have some work to do on the computer so that's what I'll probably do. I've already tidied the upstairs bedrooms, done 3 loads of laundry and the shopping. I'm kind of waiting for Erica to wake early from her nap so I have to go and put her to sleep again - because I usually lie down and take a nap with her when that happens, and I'm feeling kind of sleepy.

The girls are home early today, they'll be here soon in fact. Then when Erica wakes, I'll take them to Youme Town to buy some books with the book tokens Amy got from Aunty Toyoko while she was in hospital. A present from Grandma also arrived yesterday, which involved sewing, and she was very intrigued by that too. She cleaned her whole desk out yesterday afternoon! No prompting from me at all, nor any nagging either to finish the job once started (she's good at starting, good at suddenly declaring the whole mess somehow my fault and giving up). Picture perfect.

Lena lost another tooth. Now she has three out, looking like a toothless old hag, which makes me laugh when she cries. I'm so mean! Constant reminder too that I need to go to the dentist.

Then I have to go to work. At the bloody hospital! I found myself thinking as we left yesteday, "Thank God I don't have to come back here again", but then remembered, "Oh, yes I do." Well, we certainly won't be talking about medical issues today. Something light, maybe food or vacations.

Lena will go to English today, and Amy will go shopping with her Daddy to get some new inside shoes for school. She doesn't stop growing! Then I'm taking them to Joyfull. The best diet choice because their food is so mediocre that you're not tempted much! I might give in and get some ice cream though...


Just after that, the girls came home in a whirlwind of sounds and energy, and Erica woke up. So I went up and lay back down with her and had a wee nap. Now they're doing their homework and I'm trying to get started on my work while refereeing their fights. No time to get those books, we'll go after I get back from work.


Anonymous said...

I sure hope everyone is feeling better, .... oh goodness what a week you had!!!

Jo Tomooka said...

Great that Amy is back so that Lena has something to smile about and show off those teeth spaces!
I think mothers should get extra credits on their CVs for their multitasking skills. Hang in there...